By obtaining cost-effective deals with us, you expedite the growth of your business
At AD Auto Export, we are your reliable partner for international car exports from Canada. With a primary focus on B2B operations, our goal is to ensure a seamless experience for our customers, from vehicle selection to secure delivery. With extensive automotive industry experience, we are experts in sourcing and exporting vehicles, especially from the Canadian market. As a registered dealer in Ontario, Canada, our customers have the protection of Canadian law.
By working with us, you'll receive your car tax-free. Moreover, one of our competitive advantages is the speed of shipment. We can send your car to you within 3-4 days after payment. You won't have to wait for weeks to process the documents required for shipping the car to your country.

Our primary focus is providing a diverse selection of new and used cars sourced directly from authorized Canadian dealerships.
Our experienced team is dedicated to finding, or even factory-ordering, vehicles that match your exact requirements.

Our Mission : Delivering maximum customer satisfaction at the most competitive prices within the shortest timeframes, thereby securing a competitive edge for our partners.
At AD Auto Export, we're dedicated to providing comprehensive and cost-effective vehicle delivery, ensuring safe arrival at your chosen destination. Our expertise spans container shipping, guaranteeing reliable vehicle delivery. We offer a budget-friendly option for professionals in the car trading industry, transporting multiple vehicles within a single container. Our extensive experience and secure packing methods make shipping vehicles in containers a reliable choice. We handle essential documentation for smooth importation, upholding quality standards in vehicle handling. In addition to container shipping, we offer practical options like Ro-Ro and air-freight service. We ensure the safe delivery of your vehicles in prime condition.