URGENTLY NEEDED: AGENTS with G2/G Driver's License. The primary task is to purchase vehicles from dealerships. Compensation is commission-based per transaction, as per the contract and invoice. No need for a constant presence. This opportunity can serve as an excellent SUPPLEMENTAL INCOME, but not a primary one.
Your commission depends on the car model you can purchase, ranging from $500 to $5,000 CAD. This varies based on the car's you are qualified on. You'll receive your commission on the next day after pickup. The deal duration can be anywhere from 2 days to 3 months, depending on whether the car must be ordered or is already in stock at the dealership.
Our dedicated specialist will reach out to you to inquire about various details, including your current place of residence, your existing vehicle, your place of employment, and more. This information is essential for determining your eligibility for particular car models.
Buying agent
Once you've successfully applied and received our approval, here's how the process works:
Head to a dealership or contact a salesperson regarding the specific car model we've suggested.
When we find an available vehicle, you'll need to make a financial commitment. You can use the credit card we've provided or use your own credit card and share the receipt with us for the same day e-transfer.
Sign an agreement stating that you're our designated "purchase agent." This agreement confirms that you're the one responsible for buying the car on our behalf for export.
Wait for the car to arrive.
On the scheduled pickup day, our representative will join you at the dealership with a certified check for the full payment. They'll take care of handing the car over to the shipping company.
Your commission will be given to you on the next day as the car pickup, according to the agreement or invoice.
Vehicle manufacturers impose restrictions on selling cars for export, as they aim to prevent this practice. It's not in their interest, and they actively work to discourage it. Dealerships, likewise, have little incentive for this, as they won't enjoy repeat business or reap the profits typically associated with servicing and selling parts.
The main and only potential issue is that dealerships might reject the sale of a new car of the same model if they become aware that the car has been exported. Hence, if your plan is to buy the specific model we are exporting, it's crucial to consider this potential drawback